Sometrics : a simple and powerful tool to visualize and objectify the impact of your culture on your performance

Combined with a diagnosis of your needs and goals, and thanks to an anonymous questionnaire addressed to your employees, Sometrics provides a map of your managerial culture so that to better envision the points of focus and quantify the transformation financial value.

Sometrics is a SaaS tool allowing to map the organization’s managerial culture thanks to a questionnaire, and to visualize its impact.

Sometrics was born from the meeting of the engineer and researcher René Rupert and the managerial innovation experts of Imfusio consulting, and particularly Yaël Guillon (Yaël being part of All Leaders Initiative’s Strategic Board).

Thanks to an online survey self-administrated in 15 minutes, Sometrics allows to measure the gap between the current perception of managerial culture and the employees’ expectations and aspirations. Sometrics thus objectifies the internal cultural reality by mapping the gaps between what is experienced and what is desired.

A main benefit of Sometrics is to bring to light the potential for progression: by comparing real and optimal ways of working, the tool ensures transformation needs are objectively set by getting rid of intuitions, affects and misunderstandings.

Moreover, it allows to identify and quantify hidden costs – direct and indirect – and to estimate the lost economic value associated to status quo, which ensures to get into a true financial logic of return on investment when dealing with the future transformation effort.

Last but not least, the results’ detailed analysis allows to identiy the most relevant path towards the reduction of such gaps between current and desired situations.

All Leaders Initiative leverages the Sometrics tool to feed its diagnosis of the situation in terms of leadership and related stakes, combined with interviews and workshops, in order to elaborate relevant and immediately actionable recommendations.

Sometrics has been certified by the French Finance Innovation competitivity pole in 2016.


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