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Jérôme Bouteiller has been running his own business for more than 20 years, combining new technology with quality customer and supplier relations to provide a service that has not yet reached its limits.

Trained by the best experts in self-defence, he is now a teaching professional recognised by institutions (private companies, municipal police, hospitals, government departments, etc.) as well as private individuals. His instruction is part of an “emergency medicine” approach to rapidly prepare teams for conflict.

It gives meaning to “brutal tools” to create high-performance, responsible and fulfilled teams. As a husband and father, he dreams of a better world and teaches us to keep our humanity in the conflictual situations that unfortunately degrade our daily lives.

Jérôme Bouteiller in a few words:

His academic career began with Sup de Co (graduate business school of management), followed by experience of large groups and the B2B world. He has been developing strong IT and digital skills. He has been a certified TOP® practitioner since 2023. 

His experience includes training in hand-to-hand techniques and safety, as well as specialising in managing aggression,optimising teaching methods and boosting self-confidence. He is a short-time specialist.

Trilingual, with French as his mother tongue, proficient English and a bilingual command of Italian, he enjoys working with multicultural teams.