Discovery and Awareness Workshops

Pending on your needs, All-Leaders Initiative proposes short interactive sessions (from 2 hours) to discover and experience the approach and the practice of “Intention-Based Leadership”.

Conferences and Inspiring Testimonies

By  various experienced leaders, with proven track record in extreme conditions (operational excellence, risk management…) and having devised lessons consistent with “Intention-Based Leadership” principles.

Testifiers come from military (e.g. admiral formally heading the nuclear forces, former head of special forces, …), sport (e.g. offshore and ocean sail racers…) or artistic worlds.


Learning Expeditions

Off-site learning expeditions of 1½ day minimum, tailored on request, allowing your team to gather and discover inspiring practices and take a step back on a selected topic, by interacting with some key players of the related field: meaning, collective intelligence, excellence, pushing one’s limits, competition, diversity and inclusion, creativity…

Such expeditions are facilitated by a consultant-coach responsible for ensuring the practicality and actionability of the takeaways brought by the expedition’s encounters and experiences.



All-Leaders Initiative performs a diagnosis of your organization’s current and desired states of development, of its stakes, assets and development opportunities in terms of leadership.

This stage aims at taking a “potentializing” stance so that to identify the team’s strengths and potential on which to capitalize in order to deploy its full capabilities.

Interviews and Observations

This is performed through in depth interviews with management and employees.
Those are preferably complemented by on-site observations (“shadowing”) of related teams’ way of working and inter-acting, particularly during meetings, with subsequent debriefings.

Safety Culture Self-Assessment

All Leaders Initiative provides you with the best of the two worlds of nuclear industry’s return on experience and latest findings in leadership research (especially the importance of psychological safety) to support the diagnosis and deployment of a Safety Culture within your organization.

Safety Culture encompasses all the resources, systems, behaviors and attitudes allowing to optimize human capital in handling vital risks for any organization.
Such culture’s development is at the core of global and sustainable performance for organizations and the individuals who make them alive.

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Sometrics™ On-line Survey

Thanks to an online survey self-administrated in 15 minutes, Sometrics allows to measure the gap between the current perception of managerial culture and the employees’ expectations and aspirations. The internal cultural reality is thus objectified by mapping the gaps between what is experienced and what is desired.

The tool also allows to identify and quantify hidden costs – direct and indirect – and to estimate the lost economic value associated to status quo, which ensures to get into a true financial logic of ROI when dealing with the future transformation effort.

Sometrics has a proven track record with 15 years of R&D, more than 40 organizations and 4 000 employees surveyed.
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Support of Managerial Transformation for Managers, Teams and Organizations

The framework proposed by All-Leaders Initiative integrates in a single approach the organization’s various dimensions: managers, teams, other stakeholders. It includes, depending on previously identified needs:

Individual support (executive coaching) of employees and managers at all levels for the development of their managerial identity and the enforcement of their leadership style

Collective workshops (team coaching and collective intelligence facilitation) focused on sustainable efficiency, collective intelligence, empowerment or teams’ transformation

Bespoke methods such as on-site shadowing observations of teams, with real-time debriefing and coaching, interventions with front-line players, dedicated remote phone support by a dedicated consultant/coach

Leadership Development Programs

All Leaders Initiative proposes the co-construction of internal learning pathes for managers so that to experience and integrate “coaching-manager” or “resource-manager” attitude and behavior (minimum 10 day process).

Focus is on direct experience and awareness raising process to trigger an identity transformation, beyond classic management tools and methods.


All Leaders Initiative provides, directly or through selected partners, leadership trainings based on “Intention-Based Leadership” principles and practices (intra or inter-company).


The Sea as an Accelerator for Managerial Experience

Practice at sea, on a sailing boat and as a team, the leadership’s behaviors sought after.

Come and tackle as a team (working team, project team, ExCom, …) key notions of trust, subsidiarity, collective efficiency, boldness and adaptability on board sailboats with your coach and a professional skipper.

During two to three days, you will raise your awareness of the power of a team/crew faced with complexity and the unexpected, and experience that the secret of performance is to dare… sharing one’s weaknesses!

Da Crew

Da Crew is the coaching method developed for All Leaders Initiative leveraging real crew situation settings, on a sailboat, so that to experience and strengthen key attitudes for efficient team work.


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