All Leaders Initiative

Measurable and long-lasting results

We work on all the dimensions of the collective, aiming for long-term impact.

We demonstrate what we have achieved through measurement
(evidence-based development principle).

The figures speak for themselves!

Resources used for the benefit of measurable results


the perception score of their organisation as objectively “performing well” among employees in an environment of high psychological safety at work (72% vs. 17% on average)1


less time spent in conflict by employees in environments with high psychological AND performance security vs. the average for French employees1.


the rate of coaching use (in-house counsellors, interpersonal skills training, coaches, mediators, etc.) for employees in environments with high psychological security AND performance, compared with 51% overall1.

If our services are based on a logic of means (because they depend on the commitment and will for transformation of the people we support), they are designed to achieve results, improving your organisation’s efficiency and performance.

That’s why we’re committed to “proof-based” development, providing measurable and tangible evidence.

Our own expertise in this field is based on a privileged partnership with the OpinionWay research and polling institute and its Management division, of which one of our founding partners is Consulting Director.

We use quantitative and qualitative approaches to diagnose managerial culture and the dynamics and structures of an organisation – employee surveys, measurement of key indicators specific to the organisation (financial, HR metrics, etc.). In particular, these approaches make it possible to establish an objective, shared initial diagnosis and to measure the impact of transformation actions.

1 : Observatoire du Coût des Conflits (Observatory of the Cost of Conflicts) OpinionWay – All Leaders Initiative 2021

"Good news and bad news about optimising the relational dimension of work... The bad news is: it's work! The good news is: it's only work!

How can we help you?

Timeframe: long-term coaching for in-depth impact

Whatever your request, we’ll contextualise it together in an initial diagnosis to identify your needs. Once the findings have been shared, we can work together to define a global approach, taking into account all the company’s dimensions and enabling you to achieve lasting results.In all cases, our coaching is characterised by:
  • Operational support to help you solve your problems
  • Based on an objective, expert view of your team’s functioning and culture
  • Both pragmatic and part of the long-term process of sustainable transformation.

The relational dimension of work, a real competitive advantage!

Most of an organisation’s collective performance comes from the way in which its members adjust their relational functioning to take account of variations in the internal and external environments. This relational dimension of work can be experienced by some as a constraint (ah the human factor! …).In fact, it is a unique and measurable lever of competitive advantage:
  • with an impact on effectiveness and efficiency, and therefore potentially massive on profitability.
  • entirely under the control and responsibility of the management of any organisation: where gaining one point of market share or operating margin can involve considerable and uncertain effort, optimising workplace relations to facilitate and regulate activity is “just” internal work for the organisation!

1 month/year

the average number of days French employees spend dealing with conflict at work1

2.9 billion euros

the wage cost equivalent to the 3 hours a week employees say they spend managing conflictual relationships1

The vectors for optimising these relational adjustments include a climate of psychological security (which needs to be worked on!), the ability and capacity (which needs to be learned!) to regulate interpersonal relations and to express ideas, needs, concerns, etc. constructively.

Intention-based leadership encourages commitment to such a dynamic of collective intelligence, reducing the energy spent on friction or conflict and maximising performance in a measurable way!



The sustainability of our coaching also involves taking into account the full impact of a people-centred organization. .

In this way, we are supporting its ambition, beyond the services we offer and the direct economic challenges it faces (‘Profit‘), to create a positive impact on the world (‘Planet‘), starting with each of its stakeholders (‘People‘).

In addition to the activity to be promoted, the “WHAT”, our coaching focuses on the “HOW” process and the “WHY” rationale.

We explore their meaning via the “FOR WHAT” or the “FOR WHOM”, in resonance with the societal, economic and environmental dimensions.

Our choice is to focus on the “WHO”: the change makers and their internal interfaces (governance, board, social and economic committee (ESC), etc.) and external interfaces (stakeholders, shareholders, media, general public, etc.). 


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