All Leaders Initiative



On a one-off basis… we’re going to meet on a challenge that drives you.

For a one-day seminar, an individual coaching or an experiential learning programme…

More than just a meeting, we want to be your source of long-term global development.

You can count on us to put your requirements into perspective and advise you on how to make them part of a sustainable development dynamic.

4 types of coaching

from discovery to responsible involvement



To learn from experience

Want to get to know your team better?   To know how it behaves in complex situations?  Or to work directly, using LEARNING BY EXPERIENCE, and its performance and resilience markers in an effective format?  Creating shared memories?  



To make a diagnosis

Are you tackling a complex project, such as a managerial or organisational transformation or change, and would you like to take the time to work with us to build an informed and well-equipped DIAGNOSIS before talking about solutions?



To raise awareness

Do you want to RAISE AWARENESS, as a team, of an issue or challenge you are facing or want to prepare for, in a short format? Are you planning a seminar or event?

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We’ll guide you to the solutions best suited to your needs.

We are "craftsmen" (and craftwomen...)

We always work by building made-to-measure programmes from the generic frameworks we present here.

Not sure what kind of coaching to choose?