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We met around the parable of talents and the ambition to enable everyone to experience the best possible relationships with themselves and their environment.


Striving for excellence in every area of our work, we have forged alliances with outstanding professionals.


We work together transparently and share a high level of standards, trust and ethics.

Founding partners

At the heart of the All Leaders Initiative ecosystem are two co-founders aligned around shared values and Intention-Based Leadership. Drawing on our different and complementary strengths, we guarantee the quality and commitment of the professionals we bring together to help you achieve your objectives.
Pierre-Etienne BOST

Pierre-Etienne BOST

FOUNDING PARTNER | +33 6 85 54 05 11

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Marie Emmanuelle PY

Marie Emmanuelle PY

FOUNDING PARTNER | +33 6 03 55 54 52

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A network of partners

We are proud to work with

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Because we differentiate ourselves by our ability to measure the return on investment of our coaching initiatives, we work in close collaboration with OpinionWay, whose Consulting Director is our founding partner.

We offer diagnosis and surveys benefiting from all the rigour of a recognised expert in research and surveys for over 20 years.

Because you can't talk about relationships without talking about conflicts, aggressions and even violence, we have made professional conflict management part of our expertise.

Jérôme, an expert in self-defence practices and their educational dissemination, addresses professionals exposed to difficult or even hostile audiences, providing them with tools that can be transposed to the workplace.

He works with hospitals, government agencies, municipal police forces and private companies to help them prevent, limit and contain physical and verbal aggression.

Based in Sardinia, he operates on the Italian market through his company

Because we want to offer tailor-made out-of-home experiences that take the storytelling possibilities and the commitment of your teams even further, in complete safety, we're teaming up with our "brothers in arms" FA3R.

These former soldiers, who are well-versed in these situational exercises, never cease to build bridges between operational lessons on team solidity and individual leadership, and the challenges encountered in the corporate world.

Because it is essential to know how to identify and manage critical skills in any organisation, we are working with Ligamen to identify and map talents (understood as employees' abilities and desire to act).

Ligamen’s solution makes it possible to generate visual and dynamic “talent trees”, so that skills can be seen as opportunities for internal networking to solve practical problems: sharing critical skills; anticipating and mitigating the impact of departures; identifying relevant collaborations for a project, and so on.

These skills can then be mobilised at a number of key moments for organisations: profiling skills requirements, recruiting cross-functional teams, organising mentoring or in-house training, stimulating innovation, etc.

The key word is sharing: as the cartography is generated from the intentions of the players, these trees enable a pragmatic and largely exportable audit of the intangible capital of the collective.

All Leaders has teamed up with Ligamen to optimise your organisation’s collective skills via these talent trees, by putting people in touch with each other and developing action plans that mobilise your human capital immediately and optimally around an operational objective.

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